Welcome to Royal Siam
Sawadi-Ca (Welcome) to Royal Siam. We are happy and proud to present authentic and special food, Thai food, in an exciting selection of not only testy but healthy also. We also have the huge selection of choices to satisfy and please you with zesty flavours to titillate the test buds, offering a new era of Thai dining at Lowfield street, Dartford.

Freshness and Healthiness
is the core of our food
Thai food is one of the healthiest foods you can have as a part of your healthy diet. Main characteristic of the T hai food is less oil, less fat, small amount of tender meat and variety of vegetables and fresh ingredients. Our chefs visit the local markets on daily basis to ensure our food stock level is kept as fresh as possible. No artificial colours and no MSG (Mono Sodium and Gluten) There is no artificial colour or artificial flavour enhancer in our food. Our food is also free from Mono Sodium and Gluten. We also cater for the diabetic and weight control clients who wish to embark on low fat, low sugar and low salt in take.
Quick history of Thai Cuisine
Among the cuisine of southeast Asia, Thai food is unique. Thai Cuisine is distinct from Chinese and Indian cuisine, both of which influenced Thai cuisine. Thai cooking is completely identifiable in its own right, incorporating all 5 testes: Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salty and Spicy. Thai people have taken foreign influences and transformed them into a cuisine uniquely their own. Buddhist monks from India brought curry to Thailand. Indian curry and Muslim cuisine were introduced at a palace feast in honour of king Rama I at the turn of the 18th century. Some of these dishes are still popular today. Thailand was a cross roads of East to West sea routes causing its culture and cuisine to be influenced with Persian, Arabian, Portuguese, Indian and Chinese elements. Foreign recipes have been integrated with traditional Thai dishes, resulting in unique flavour that is unmistakably Thai.
The Royal Siam Team
We have a very experienced and friendly team both in the front house and back in the kitchen. Specially our head chef has more than 25 years of experience in the arena of Thai cuisine and worked in Thailand and United Kingdom. Finally thank you very much for choosing us. Enjoy your meal please.

Party Bookings Available (Birthdays/Weddings/Other)
Opening Hours
  • Monday - Saturday:
    12pm-2.30pm 5.30pm-11pm
    Sunday : 12pm-10pm
    Sunday Buffet : 12pm-5pm

Order and Payment
  • To order, please telephone 01322 288 887 / 01322 229 313 Payment can be made by all major credit cards, or cash, but we do not accept cheques.
Contact & Location
  • Tel: 01322288887 / 01322229313
    83-85 Lowfield Street Dartford Kent DA1 1HP
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